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Before my first session with Sarah I was in so much pain I couldn’t even bend over and tie my shoes. I had been to a number of health professionals and been through every test under the sun. I also had two failed surgeries. I was at my wits end because none of them had helped me. What was even more depressing was that two more doctors were suggesting more drugs and more surgery! I had given up my favorite sports and was feeling very hopeless. Everyone wanted my money and my time but nobody was offering any relief. I was very skeptical with Sarah at the beginning, asking when I would know if her treatments were right for me and how often would I need to come? She was very honest she said, ‘you will know within three to five treatments, in the beginning you should come for 1 hour twice a week then taper off as the pain subsides and continue with a home program.’ Well I felt a difference after the second session. It wasn’t easy because the work was always in opposition to the way my muscles were used to working. But it made perfect sense. Her work was brilliant because she used the core integration exercises on the apparatus to repattern from the inside out, then used massage and stretching to release spasms from the outside in. I am now able to go back to all my favorite sports (weightlfting, running) and get off pain killers. I can perform as well as ever but I am careful to breathe and am more mindful about how I move. My body awareness has greatly increased through the experience. She has also become a terrific friend. I will never forget her. I feel as if she saved my life.

~63 year old College Professor

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