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I found Sarah Mace about 5 years ago when my regular masseuse had retired. I have chronic neck and back problems due to a near fatal car accident many years ago so managing pain is the lesser evil over choosing more surgeries. As a Hedge Fund manager I also carry hi levels of mental stress. I must say Sarah's fusion of stretching, massage and core integration exercises have been invaluable to me. I am especially fond of the way the studio is set up because depending on my pain/stress level I can go into the the treatment room and get a massage or into the Pilates Studio for a more physically demanding experience. I also appreciate the tranquil atmosphere at the studio, she always gives the client their choice of music. Its so opposite to the typical noisy gym. When I have the time I do a two hour session, an hour in the movement studio followed by an hour in the massage room. Its perfect! ”

~70 year old Investment Banker

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