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Frequently Asked Questions ~  FAQs


What reasons do people come in for treatment?

My clients come for individualized, focused sessions fusing advanced integrative movement, stretching and massage in a tranquil atmosphere. Instead of one modality clients get three plus the advantage of anti-gravitational apparatus.


Why spend money? What not just take a class?

Often people need the personal attention individual sessions with an experienced practitioner can offer. Sometimes people come to a point when they cannot workout alone without reinjury. In my sessions I am rehabilitating overuse injuries and repatterning the bodymind to protect from further injury. Clients also come for individual sessions purely for fun. My sessions are a wonderful alternative to noisy gyms and regimented PT clinics. Apparatus based Pilates and GYROTONIC® blended with stretching and massage the possibilities are endless. The studio is like a giant therapeutic playground offering the best of movement and relaxation in a spa like environment.


How can your treatments be made more cost-effective?

From the very first session clients are given self care protocols to maximize the benefits of our sessions together. Initially there needs to be some commitment on the clients part to restore wellness whether they put time in at home or in the studio. Once past the acute stages clients can taper off and come less frequently. Once a clients health goals are being addressed many people find my sessions extremely cost effective. They come to see me once instead of 3 other health professionals and instead of surgery.


How frequently should I receive a treatment?

As a general rule as often as two times per week to as little as one time per month will show cumulative benefits. Less often once someone is on maintenance.

Why is the apparatus so important?

The Pilates and GYROTONIC® apparatus is specifically designed to reverse gravitational pull and correct postural alignment. The more the body knows the most intelligent way to move the more it will choose to move that way. The apparatus enables the practitioner to dissect each exercise targeting the clients 'blindspots' stimulating connectivity to underused areas and releasing those that are overused or 'stuck'.


Why are Pilates and GYROTONIC® called 'Mind Body' forms of exercise?

Also called 'intelligent exercise' or 'core integration' Pilates and GYROTONIC® teach the mind to connect to the body. After practicing these exercise methods people move more intelligently whether sitting at a computer, running up a flight of stairs or playing golf. The mind cues the body with greater awareness, safety and control. The body/mind become an integrated unit and the longevity of the brain is stimulated as well as the body.


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