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Self-Care Programs


Although sometimes stubborn and complex many pain issues are a direct result of postural imbalances, too much sitting, food sensitivity and repetitive movements. Example; someone may be unable to undo 15 hours a day of sitting (desk, commuting, TV viewing combined) with 1 or 2 hours of therapy a week. Therefore a self-care program is often necessary.

It is my intention to conserve time/money and compliment clients progress with a comprehensive self-care protocol. These protocols can be adapted for flare ups or used for regular maintenance. Recovery and longevity can require some trial and error. Most programs should include;

1.(a) healthy ergonomic work station (desk, chair, keyboard, mouse, screen, telephone & lighting carefully chosen to minimize repetitive strain on neck, eyes, hips and back) (b) healthy car seat (lumbar support) (c) healthy seat for TV, resting or reading (d) healthy backpack, purse, briefcase or carry all 2. sleeping on the right pillow &/or matress 3. ice &/or heat 4. Core integration exercises 5. self massage and 6. stretching

SOUNDS LIKE ALOT? Never underestimate the value of 15 minutes of stretching, putting your purse on a diet, a hot shower, a good pillow for sleeping, one for the car and another at your desk! A little can go a long way. Please feel free to experiment and be creative. One size does not fit all! I am continually revising these protocols so your feedback is much appreciated. Wishing you all the best!


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