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Sarah has worked on me for over twenty years, easing the aches and pains acquired from a lifetime on horseback, long hours on airplanes, and the unfortunate downside of the aging process. She uses an amazing variety of techniques, stretches and massage to keep me in top form, and demonstrates in each session, that damage to the body can be mitigated, even reversed, without unreliable surgeries. And you should see her at work in my living room, navigating five dogs who insist on lounging around the table, without missing a beat. As the slogan goes, Sarah Mace—priceless!  

~Catherine Crier, best-selling author/journalist 




The individuality of each client can be carefully considered in private sessions. All the movement therapies offered at Bedford Movement & Massage are integrative, holistic, methods of intelligent exercise. Each challenges and stimulates the client to negotiate opposition, to reconnect with areas that are disconnected and to work from the inside out. Simultaneously Sarah is actively and passively working from the outside in. Encouraging release through breathing and hands on mobilizations. Thirdly the apparatus reverses gravitational pull while moving or stretching thus supporting the release of repetitive stress in the deepest layers. The beauty of the private session is in discovering which of these methods the clients mind and body are most receptive to. It is a wonderful journey sometimes challenging, often playful, frequently blissful!



Work smarter not harder’ is a phrase that summarizes the Pilates ideology. Individual Pilates apparatus sessions differ from mat classes found in most gyms. Joseph Pilates originally designed the exercises to be performed on anti gravitational apparatus to rehabilitate neck and back pain. Over time Pilates has evolved and proven to do much more and when integrated with other therapies (such as stretching and deep tissue massage) can benefit a multitude of health problems (see conditions section) from arthritis and cancer to Multiple Sclerosis. Dissecting the exercises on the equipment, with minimal gravitational pull enables the therapist to specifically treat the cause of the problem to release the symptoms. Restoring postural imbalances, muscle connectivity, repatterning areas of chronic overuse and managing stress are all by products of regular practice. As is return to function, favorite sports and protection from re-injury. Equipment by Balanced Body



Popularized by world class professional sports PTs Aaron Mattes, Jim Wharton & Phil Wharton, Active Isolated Stretching effectively stretches and lengthens muscle. It improves alignment, mobility and circulation while increasing the elasticity of muscle joints and treating a host of conditions from scoliosis and carpal tunnel to herniated discs and plantar fasciitis. AIS allows the practitioner to isolate areas within the body, then use leverage movements to contract and strengthen targeted muscles, while simultaneously stretching the opposing muscles. The benefits include increased blood flow, muscle strength, joint flexibility and balance. Clients can expect to be placed in multiple positions often with legs, arms and heads hanging off the treatment table. When this technique is combined with Deep Tissue, Trigger Point or Sports Massage it is extremely effective for many soft tissue injuries.



Mind and Body integration continues with the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, another system of anti gravitational exercise with its own apparatus created by Juliu Horvath. GYROTONIC® guides users to simultaneously stretch and strengthen soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia) while also articulating and mobilizing the joints. The fluidity of the movements are further enhanced by breath patterns and flowing inversion sequences. Improved endurance, posture, functional strength and agility can be felt after 1 session. Sometimes referred to as ‘Yoga for Dancers’ GYROTONIC® has proven its worth as another invaluable rehabilitative therapy for Sports specific training. The complexity of the 3 dimensional progressions stimulate the right/left brain processes while the rhythmic pumping of the movement sequences massage the visceral organs. Clients often exclaim that GYROTONIC® sessions are mind-;blowing in their depth and intensity. 






The relaxation response is as important to the wellness process as movement. Pregnancy, acute physical or emotional trauma are times when the body’s stress responses benefit greatly from massage. Other stresses include the constant burden of living in a toxic world that we may not always like or understand. Sarah offers a variety of massage styles and encourages clients to consider what kind of treatment they may need on any given day. As a general rule massage loosens tight muscles, improves blood flow, and speeds the removal of wastes. Inflammation is reduced, muscles feel invigorated and immune enhancing endorphins released to revitalize the body's brain and nervous systems. The techniques listed below enable the client to design their personal session more specifically and to blend styles at their leisure.



Long gliding strokes using light, medium or firm pressure increase circulation and lymphatic drainage. Benefits include relief from stress, sore muscles and chronic pain. Ideal for seniors or those new to massage.



Also termed Neuromuscular or Sports Massage these are deep techniques where elbows and knuckles are used in addition to hands to search out areas of hyperconstricted muscle tissue. These ‘trigger points’ often hide under boney landmarks especially around the neck, low back and shoulder blades. Once released these points have a profound effect on the nervous and muscular systems. This is a deep treatment and clients should expect to be guided through the session using breathing techniques. The pleasure from this technique hinges on pain and it is one of the most requested types of massage. It is also complimented when used in combination with Active Isolated Stretching (see description of AIS on movement page).



Massage during and after pregnancy is an excellent choice to compliment natal care. Sidelying position with supportive pillows are used to alleviate the strain on the lower back and pelvis. Natal massage helps to reduce headaches, backaches, muscle tension and spasms. Promotes quality sleep while reducing anxiety and fatigue. Over the last 25 years Sarah has worked with dozens of pre- and post-natal women and believes that pregnancy is one of the most important times for a woman to nurture herself with healing touch.



Originally from Thailand this ancient fusion of yoga and acupressure has become extremely popular in the west. Using knees, feet, elbows and assisted yoga poses Table Thai involves the therapist joining the client on the table. The therapist actively lifts and moves all parts of the body during this session. Leaving the client feeling like they had a massage and a movement session without having done any work. Sometimes called ‘ the lazy mans yoga’ this style also combines well with deep tissue and is a wondrous journey into the realm of Asian healing arts.



Is a form of energy work. This non-invasive style of bodywork works with the cranial bones to stimulate the circulation of cerebralspinal fluid in the brain and deeply affect the central nervous system. It is highly effective at releasing mental stress, emotional trauma and is a profoundly meditative experience. The client feels transported and time is suspended. If you ever met someone who cannot get out of their head this is the technique for them. It combines well with hot stone therapy and is a wonderful technique to finish any massage treatment with.



Hot stones were first popularized at spas in Santa Fee, New Mexico. Another style of energy work the stones are heated and placed on energy centers and acupressure points of the body. This therapy is powerful because the energetic properties of the heated stones combines with the energy centers (chakras) and acupressure points of the body. While the therapist is rotating the stones from one area to the next she has intervals of time to use the hot stones to do Swedish massage on the muscles, thus covering the whole body. This is one of the most luxurious massage treatments available and not to be missed. Please schedule Hot Stone Massage a minimum of 24 hours in advance. 





Experienced in working with the following conditions;

Chronic Pain Management & Prevention, Arthritis(all types), Computer Back Syndrome, Degenerative Discs, Spinal Stenosis, Lumbar Strains (Low Back Pain), Whiplash & Cervical Strains (Neck Issues), Sciatica, Sacro-Iliac imbalances (hip problems), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (wrist pain), Tendinitis of the Shoulder or Elbow (Tennis/Golf Elbow), Rotator Cuff, Shoulder girdle, Frozen Shoulder, Plantar Fascitiis (foot problems), Shin Splints. Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Epstein Barr (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Mono, Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer (all types), Post-Operative Recovery (after surgery), Pre-Natal and Post-Natal (pregnancy), Geriatric/ Senior specific treatments.



Therapy may be contraindicated if you have one of the conditions listed above. If in doubt please contact me. Your Doctors clearance may be necessary.



For avid athletes and weekend warriors a fusion of Core Movement Exercises, Stretching and Massage reverses repetitive strains, corrects muscle imbalances and enhances performance for: Golf, Tennis, Horseback Riding, Running, Baseball, Weightlifting, and Cycling; just to name a few." 


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