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Home Care Program

 ~Effort through Movement combines with ease through Massage~

                                                          A New Fusion has Emerged

Bedford Movement & Massage Home Program

In an effort to maximize client benefit and minimize cost, this page provides links to helpful props, self care tools and exercises.


Suggestions for items such as cervical and lumbar pillows, self massage tools, foam rollers, pharmaceutical grade ice packs, books, stretching DVDS and muscle rubs can be found here and will aid clients in managing their condition. 


It is my intention that every client should develop and practice a home maintenance program.



 The items listed below can be purchased at: 





DISCOUNTS l  I also receive a discount at Massage Warehouse and can order items for you should that be of help.

Cervical or Neck/Shoulder Protocol

  • D-Core Standard Support Pillow, 24" x 16" (massagewarehouse)

  • Memory Travel Core Neck Pillow (scriphessco)

  • Thermalsoft Gel Hot & Cold Pack X-Large 11" x 21"(massagewarehouse)

  • TheraCane (either scriphessco or massagewarehouse)

  • Accu-Masseur Massager (massagewarehouse)

  • Biofreeze (roll on or spray) (either MW or SH)

  • Cryocup Ice Massage Cup (either MW or SH)

  • The Bed Desk (laydback products from etsy)

  • Gertie Ball (amazon) 




Lumbar or Lower Back/Hips/Sciatica Protocol

  • The original Back Hugger (scriphessco)

  • Tiger Tail (self Massager for ITB) (massagewarehouse)

  • Theracane (either MS or SH)

  • Thermalsoft Gel Hot & Cold Pack X-Large 11" x 21" (massagewarehouse)

  • Foam Roller standard size (scriphessco)

  • Hugger Mugger Standard Bolster (amazon) Hugger Mugger Yoga Blocks standard size (amazon)

  • 2 Yoga Straps standard size (amazon)


Tendonitis of Shoulder/Elbow or Golf/Tennis Elbow Protocol

  • Cryostim 2 Probes (scriphessco)


Feet/Plantar Fasciitis Protocol

  • Small drinking water bottle, filled with water kept in freezer ie Evian or Poland Spring

  • Yamuna Balls 'golden domes' (amazon)



  • Wharton Book of Stretching (amazon)

  • Active Isolated Stretching by Aaron Mattes (amazon)


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